You’re in safe hands with us

Safety for you, your belongings, the community and our staff

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You’re in safe hands with us

Safety for you, your belongings, the community and our staff

Safety standards in Piece of Cake moving company

Safety is at the core of everything we do

Your safety and the safety of our team is at the heart of everything we do. We have the highest standards of risk minimization and management across all areas of our business.

As one of the most compliant and well serviced fleets on the East Coast, we are equipped with GPS tracking and appropriate insurance and accreditation with both Federal and State authorities to ensure the safety of your cargo and the general public.

The Piece of Cake approach to your safety

Trucks Inspected Daily and SanitizedTrucks Inspected Daily and Sanitized

Trucks Inspected Daily and Sanitized

Our fleet of well maintained trucks is inspected daily and professionally cleaned, ensuring they are always prepared and safe for your move. All trucks are equipped with real-time GPS tracking so we can track your inventory at all times.

Dispatch & Control CenterDispatch & Control Center

Dispatch & Control Center

Our high-tech dispatch and control center monitors all Piece of Cake moves in real time, making sure everything goes as planned, and allowing customers to communicate with our team whenever is needed.

Mover Training ProgramMover Training Program

Mover Training Program

Making sure our moving experts are always ready to deliver high-quality service, our Moving School educates and trains our movers on safe moving procedures and we provide regular updates as needed. Learn More

Secure Storage FacilitySecure Storage Facility

Secure Storage Facility

Our storage facility is equipped with security and constant video monitoring and conveniently located in Brooklyn, New York.

Customer Moving PlanningCustomer Moving Planning

Customer Moving Planning

With tailor-made plans for your move, a Piece of Cake Relocation Consultant will clearly communicate with you all the requirements to make sure we deliver you a safe experience. This includes COI details, pick up and drop off location access, fragile items and any other considerations for a seamless move.

State and Federal CertificationsState and Federal Certifications

State and Federal Certifications

Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is fully licensed for our moving and storage services with New York State and Federal business and moving industry certifications. Learn More

Safely packing and protecting your Items

To keep your items safe, our moving experts have a specialized packing and protection approach to each item, developing a plan on how they will pack and what materials are needed to ensure a safe arrival.

Packing proceduresPacking procedures

Packing procedures

Our movers are trained to follow Piece of Cake packing procedures making sure every item is handled appropriately. Every item requires different treatment, flat screen TVs have their own box, Glassware needs to be carefully wrapped and lounges need to be wrapped. Learn more about our Packing Services

Packing materialsPacking materials

High Quality packing materials

Piece of Cake only uses the very best moving materials like high-quality blankets, boxes, wrapping paper & plastic bin. Learn more about our moving supply packages

Long Distance Moves24/7/365 Moving Services In NYC

Secure packing no matter the distance

We double wrap your items according to the distance you’re traveling. We add additional protection to ensure they will stay in great condition and also shrink wrap them to protect from dust accumulation. Learn more about our Packing Services

Valuable item packing and custom wood cratingValuable item packing and custom wood crating

Valuable Item packing & Custom Wood Crating

We are experienced in safely moving valuable items such as paintings and antiques. We can also build custom wooden crates for any fragile items which need extra care. Learn more about our Packing Services

Small Moves24/7/365 Moving Services In NYC

Items We Always Pack For You

Hard-to-pack items are always included as part of our standard moving package in our flat rate fee. We know from experience it’s better to leave these things to the professionals so we always take care of TVs, lamps, electronics, mirrors, sculptures, glass or marble items. Learn more about our Flat Rate Pricing

Free Comprehensive CoverageFree Comprehensive Coverage

Free Comprehensive Coverage

All our moving & storage plans include free basic coverage. So you’re always covered. We are also known to go the extra mile if you have some tight deadlines, to make sure the insurance process is moving at your pace.

Onsite consultation with a customer - NYC moving company

One of the lowest claim rates in the USA Moving industry

Choosing the right mover can determine whether you have a mess to clean up at the other end, weeks of disruption or a claim that takes months to settle.

The American Moving & Storage Association estimates there are 7,000 moving companies operating in the United States at more than 13,900 locations. These companies range in size and scope from large corporations to family owned businesses that employ less than 5 people.

Piece of Cake is your safest decision when picking a mover. When accidents happen we are professional, responsive and put your needs first.

2% Piece of Cake Moving Claim rate


20% Nation Average Moving Industry Claim Rate

*In the USA, 1 in 5 moves results in a claim according to ASMA

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