Earn $$$ by referring our 5 star moving service

Your ability to earn in our referral program is limitless


Tens of thousands of $$ distributed to happy customers who referred us to their friends & family

Our Client Referral Program rewards our customers when they recommend our 5 star service to their friends and family. You do not have to be a past Piece of Cake customer to refer and participate in our program.

We always aim to be generous, so instead of just offering our customers a discount on their next move (which we also do) at Piece of Cake we also give our clients cash on their referral’s completed move. We’re that confident in our service and how positivity can multiply.

How Our Client Referral Program Works

Let’s do the math, 10% of $5,000 is $500 and 10% of 2,000 is $200. What if we told you that you could earn some extra cash by referring moves to us! There is no limit to what you can earn! Earn a few hundred or thousand dollars. It really depends on how many times you can refer to us! You can view our full referral program terms and conditions HERE.

  • 10% referral commission for local moves on the total and paid invoice
  • 5% for Long Distance moves (outside states of NY/NJ) on the total and paid invoice
  • The move must be a completed move. Which means that if you refer us a friend and they don’t move with us you do not earn a referral fee
  • All referral submission must be submitted through our referral program form below
  • Your referral fee will be paid to you via certified bank check to your nominated mailing address within 30 days from the date the move has been completed (not booked)
  • Methods of payment: certified bank check only
  • We do not honor any referrers web referral submissions for a referral commission post the referrals move date, or post the referral booking move date. All referrals are to be made prior to the referral booking their move with Piece of Cake Moving & Storage LLC.

How to unlock our cash in hand offer

Here are our simple steps to unlocking the benefits of our Referral Program.

1. Fill out our referral form below – ensure all the information is accurate

2. Your referral will be informed that you have referred them and our moving consultants will help them plan and lock in their move

3. Once their move has been completed you will be be paid 10% or 5% of their moving fee ( depending on where they are moving), into your nominated online payment method

4. Our team will notify when you the money is coming your way

5. Keep on referring!

The extra bonus is that after connecting them with the BEST moving company in New York, your friendship will hit a whole new level and you’ll have more than enough change to shout yourselves a round of drinks.

Piece of Cake Referral Form:

About you:

Your payment details:

I am referring:

I consent to having Piece of Cake Moving & Storage LLC store my contact details, and my referrals submitted information.

I consent that I have read and understood the Piece of Cake's Moving & Storage LLC Referral Programs Terms & Conditions.

Piece of Cake Moving & Storage LLC does not under any circumstances honor any referrers web referral submissions forms, emails or calls for a referral commission post the referrals move date, or post the referral booking move date.

Piece of Cake Moving & Storage LLC does not honor any referral commissions or pay any referral fees to a referrer who refers a customer to Piece of Cake who has already been in contact with and received a quote from Piece of Cake Moving and Storage.

Too good to be true? It’s just the way we roll.

At Piece of Cake we value our clients and the way they’ve recognized our strengths as one of the fastest growing moving and storage businesses in the United States.

Even if they don’t unlock a referral, we still offer generous discounts and promotional codes to our customers. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for monthly promo codes. Be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM

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