How to move with pets safely

By Najah Ayoub

Moving with petsYou may be feeling nervous and excited about your upcoming move, so too is your pet. Just like us, our pets are susceptible to stress or anxiety during the moving process.

Your pet will start to sense change as they watch you pack up your belongings and theirs in preparation for your move.

We love our furry clients and to help make their moving experience as smooth as possible we have summarised the following pet moving tips to make the transition as safe and easy as possible for your pet.

Dog in a new home

Your new home is also theirs

Before you choose your new neighborhood and home make sure your pet will also feel comfortable there. Consider environmental factors such as available space, noise, stairs, and how your pet will live in that setting.

When it comes to square footage needs all animals have varying needs. For cats ensure there is room to build vertically – it’s easy to create a lot of vertical space with shelving, such as kitty blocks on top of furniture. Older dogs, puppies and dogs with house training issues will need to go outside often, which might be difficult in an apartment building with lots of stairs or a house without a yard.

Talk to Your Vet for specific pet needs moving day advice

The very first thing pet owners should do before moving is to consult the vet. Based on your pet’s past health records, your vet might be able to suggest certain do’s and don’ts.

Also, you must take your pet’s record and the prescription medication from the vet during the move. Additionally, your vet could recommend a new vet near your new home.

Cute dog on a moving day

Pack an overnight pet kit with your pet’s essential items

An overnighter kit could be of great help during the move. Your pet’s essentials like food, medicines, toys, grooming tools, etc., can be kept in this kit.

It would help you get through the move since all their immediate needs can be satisfied with the kit contents. An overnight kit also proves to be of help with pets when you reach and need to unpack. It helps to keep your pets comfortable while you unwind and unpack.

Keep them away from the moving action to reduce stress

You will need to pack all your stuff, empty the kitchen or garage, label the boxes, empty each room, and do many other chores while preparing to move. It is best to keep your pets away from all this action since they might get anxious, and their behavior might get erratic.

Cats aren’t big fans of change. You can help your cats and skittish dogs adjust to the moving process by bringing in moving boxes early, and by keeping your furry friends in a familiar room you plan to pack up last.

On moving day, keep your pets in a quiet room with the door shut. If possible leave them with a trusted friend or a neighbor for the days when you are involved with all these errands. Make sure to maintain their daily routine when they are kept away. If you plan to keep your pets in their kennel or compartments, you need to check up on them regularly.

Woman moving with a dog

Traveling safely on the day of your move with your pet

Many pets haven’t spent much time in crates or cars. In the weeks or months leading up to the big trip. Prepare your pets by gradually acclimating them to their crates. First, place their food inside an open crate, and eventually have them eat their meals in the crate with the door shut. You can help your pets develop a positive association with the crate by providing treats and playtime at the conclusion of crate time.
Taking these steps will make moving day a lot more comfortable for you and your furry friends. It would be best if your pets drive along with you in the vehicle when you finally start your journey to the new home. If you own cats or dogs, you can use their carrier and tie a seat belt to it. For bird pets, you should prefer using a cage to keep them safe during the journey. It has been observed that a few pets, like dogs and cats, feel comfortable with a blanket over their carrier.

There have been instances when the pets have been let out at the halt and lost easily. Avoid opening their carrier until you reach your final destination. Even if your pet is docile it is not worth taking the risk on the road.

You should let them out only when you have reached your new home and give them time to get accommodated in the new environment. Some even prefer keeping their pets inside their new homes and not letting them out for a while. It gives them a chance to get more comfortable.

Settling in peacefully

When you arrive at your new home at the end of your long journey, it will be tempting to set your pet loose in the space to explore. However, a new and unfamiliar space can be overwhelming to your pets.
Start by allowing them to adjust to one room which should include their favorite toys, treats, water and food bowls and litter box for cats. When they seem comfortable, gradually introduce them to other rooms in the house, while keeping some doors shut. You can relocate your cat’s litter box from the “home base” room to a more permanent location by moving it slowly over time. Try moving the litter box one foot forward each day.

It is important that they get enough attention from you on arriving. You can try playing with them or introduce them to a new blanket or give them a new toy. Keeping them occupied with your company is one of the best things you can do to make a move easier for them.

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