Decluttered But Still No Space? A Storage Space Might Be a Solution!

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There’s never a bad time to straighten up your space. Often, it’s part of the preparation for moving to a new place. However, relocating need not be the only reason to get rid of items you no longer want or need and tidy up. It’s possible though that when all is said and sorted, you may still have too much in your home which results in a type of purgatory: you don’t have space for it but you don’t want to part with it either.

If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to look into whether renting a storage unit may be the right fit for you. Considering what belongings may be good candidates for storage and how to choose a storage solution may help you make the best decision.

Items that may be good to store

Once you’ve cleared out what you definitely want to keep where they’re at, donate, sell, and get rid of, it’s time to look at what items could find a temporary space if they don’t quite fall into the former categories. Some prime candidates for storage include:

  • Seasonal items: If your home storage is bursting with seasonal decor, it may make you feel more jolly to store them outside of the home instead of battling with garlands and tinsel year round. Storing any expensive outdoor furniture may help you preserve the lifespan of your teak deck chairs and porch swing for good weather days to come.
  • Sporting goods: As the snow melts, you may not be reaching for your sleds, skis, or other cold weather sports equipment. The same can be said for all the items necessary for your child’s baseball or basketball season when the play-off rounds are over. To make more usable space in your place, putting these and other out-of-season sports equipment in storage may be wise.
  • Furniture: Perhaps during your major declutter, you rearrange your furniture. Afterwards, you may be left with pieces that just don’t fit with the rest of your decor like it used to. If the piece or pieces are something you’d like to keep, putting them into storage will help you enjoy your space with the knowledge that you can still access them when your home or your tastes change.
  • Clothes: Boots, heavy coats, sweaters, and wool socks can really take up a lot of space in your closet. Or if you’re often beach-bound in the summer, your bathing suit collection may be gathering dust as the temperature drops. In either case, packing up these items for short-term storage until you need them again may give you back some much needed closet and drawer space.
  • Appliances and electronics: Got a heavy-duty mixer that hasn’t seen much action lately? What about that record player that hasn’t made contact with your vinyl collection in the past year? If there are items cluttering your kitchen counter or living room that are in good shape but are just not being used, putting them into storage can preserve their utility later on.
  • Baby items: Have your young ones grown up but you’re thinking about expanding your family further? Storing the bassinet, bedding, high chair, car seat, toys, clothes, and other necessities may keep them out of sight when not in use, but not out of mind as you are thinking about your future.

Storage options

Now that you’ve gotten a sense of what items may be worth storing, you’ll want to take some time to think about your storage options. The good news: we’ve composed a whole blog post on the pros and cons of self-storage vs. storage-pick up services. It may come down to convenience, how often you expect to access your belongings, and your budget.

If after gathering your items to store you’re already looking for some help, look no further than Piece of Cake Moving and Storage. Our experienced professionals will take great care in giving you a storage estimate based on the total volume of your items and picking up your belongings that you’d like to store. You can rest easy knowing that our monitored and temperature-controlled facilities will ensure that your stuff stays in the same condition you left it in. And, when you’re ready to get your items back, arranging for delivery anywhere in the U.S. is done over the phone. Some may say that we make storage a snap; we’d say we make it a Piece of Cake.

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