Top Ten Rooftop Bars in Williamsburg

By Najah Ayoub

Top Ten Rooftop Bars in WilliamsburgSummertime is nigh and the living is… breezy if you’re finding yourself perched atop a building with a cold libation in your hand. If you’re looking for a sign to move to a hip part of Brooklyn, this may be it. Williamsburg is a hot spot for sure, but there are many locations where you can cool off with a charming view. Rooftop bars in this part of the borough are the cherry on top of a spectacular neighborhood sundae.

Ready to say bottoms up several floors up? Keep reading for more on which elevated bars are worth visiting in the area.

Best Rooftop Bars in the Neighborhood

While you’ll find plenty of watering holes in this part of Brooklyn, there are a number that come out (literally) on top in terms of outdoor libations:

  • Westlight
    • This rooftop spot is located on the 22nd floor of the William Vale Hotel. From this posh vantage point, you’ll find fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline and the East River. The good news about Westlight is that you don’t have plan for your visit(s) in the summer. The bar features indoor seating as well, so you can enjoy the ambience in the chillier months as well.
  • Berry Park
    • If you dig a bit of footy (soccer) and a frosty beer with a side of great views, this rooftop perch is for you. Berry Park is a great spot to enjoy a laid back drink in the daytime under the sun. At night, when the lights go down, the vibe takes on a different feel. You may switch up your order to a cocktail instead of an IPA in the evening.
  • The Williamsburg Hotel Rooftop Pool and Bar
    • This elevated locale is a double-whammy: a rooftop featuring both a pool and a bar. The catch is the spot is for hotel guests only. But, with 360 degree views of the city, craft cocktails, and poolside service, you may just need to book a staycation in your own city.
  • Juliette
    • This French-inspired libation station is said to be a great romantic spot to canoodle with your very own star-crossed lover. Some may find it tragic that the bar doesn’t have the same skyline views of other rooftop bars being that it’s only one floor up, but you will be charmed nonetheless by your surroundings. Having a meal (brunch is a favorite here) and a cocktail helps, too!
  • Night of Joy
    • Now, this area is only open seasonally. So if you’re in the mood for a laidback, outdoor kick-back vibe, you’ll want to mark your calendars for a check-in during the warmer months. What it doesn’t have in views, it makes up for in live musical acts and frozen margaritas.
  • El Techo at the Llama Inn
    • Looking for a laidback outdoor bar with a South American twist? El Techo is the name of the rooftop bar at the Peruvian-inspired Llama Inn restaurant in Williamsburg. Come for the stylish interior and cuisine, stay for the pisco (Peruvian brandy) cocktails.
  • Bia
    • What’s unpretentious and features a Vietnamese menu? It’s your new favorite rooftop garden bar, Bia. The view from the bar serves up some great people watching near the Williamsburg Bridge. Order up some green papaya salad, some pho, and a Vietnamese iced coffee as a treat.
  • Our Wicked Lady
    • Can we tell you a secret? This spot is actually in Bushwick. But it’s so close and so charming, you’ll likely want to make a nearby visit from Williamsburg to check it out. Especially if you are hoping to find a venue for your next party. This converted industrial space does private events! What’s more? You can book it any time of year — they make the bar winter-ready in the colder months so you can enjoy it anytime.
  • Ainslie
    • When the moon hits your eyes like two big pizza pies, you may be dining outdoors at Ainslie’s rooftop bar. The restaurant features a full Italian menu and an extensive list of beers and wines to choose from. This is the place that’ll take you from dinner to nightlife in no time.
  • The Water Tower
    • A rooftop so nice (at the Williamsburg Hotel), we had to mention it twice. At first glance, many may think it’s just a water tower. Upon closer inspection, they’ll find a steel and glass encased lounge that’s instantly Instagram-able. But, you’ll want to make sure to loosen your grip on your wallet, cocktails start at $20 and can be upwards of $150 (it features white truffles). And, make sure to request a reservation as well; the bar only seats 45 people.

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