Safest Neighborhoods in the Bronx

By Najah Ayoub

Safest Neighborhoods in the BronxThe Bronx may not be the “middle of everything” part of NYC, but there’s a whole lot to discover in this outer borough as a new resident. What’s great about this part of the city is that it’s possible to have both an affordable home in the city here and live in one of the safer parts of the city where you can feel secure. And that’s often a key consideration when choosing where your next address in the city will be — whether you’re moving on your own or with loved ones.

To help inform your decision about what part of the borough will check your boxes for safety and your must-have amenities, you may want to consider the Bronx neighborhoods with the lowest crime rates.

Factors to consider for a good neighborhood fit

As you prioritize safety in your neighborhood search, it’s good to ask yourself some questions to inform your shortlist of possible Bronx neighborhoods for you:

  • What are your ideal (and negotiable) neighborhood features? Is nearby greenspace a necessity for you and those you’ll be living with? Do you want to be near a school that you or your children will be attending? What about having a few good restaurants within a reasonable distance from where you live? Is shopping in your neighborhood a must or are you willing to travel outside your home area for retail options? Getting clear on what you need nearby to feel happy with where you live and what you have wiggle-room on will help narrow down the list of potential neighborhoods in your search.
  • What will your budget allow? The Bronx does tend to have more affordable housing costs than other NYC boroughs. Like other parts of the city though, the exact cost will vary between neighborhoods and types of housing. Having a handle on what your budget will allow, including your maximum monthly cost, will be another key factor in getting the all-around right neighborhood fit for you without stretching your wallet too thin.

Five of the Safest Bronx Neighborhoods

The following is a list of Bronx neighborhoods that currently report some of the lowest crime rates in this part of NYC by precinct. To get a better understanding of how they relate to other parts of the borough: the 40th Precinct, which serves Port Morris, Mott Haven, and Melrose neighborhoods, has the highest crime rate (at 29.74 crimes per 1,000 residents). A running thread throughout these neighborhoods is that they are largely residential. However, don’t let the quiet nature fool you — there’s some real gems to discover in each of them. And, most have easy access to getting to other parts of the city if you want to turn things up a notch. With that said, these neighborhoods are worth considering for folks who have safety as a high priority in their Bronx neighborhood search:

  • Kingsbridge
  • Morris Park
  • Pelham Bay
  • Riverdale
  • Spuyten Duyvil


  • Crime rate: 12.24 crimes per 1,000 residents
  • This quiet and diverse neighborhood is a popular spot for folks who aren’t up for paying Manhattan housing prices. You’ll see quite a range of housing options, from single-family homes, townhomes, and historic apartment buildings. There are great options for families, but also for students as the neighborhood is close to Manhattan College. You’ll also be glad to know that getting some outdoor recreation nearby isn’t a challenge. You can take your little ones (whether their the four-legged kind or children) to Ewen Park to enjoy the dog-friendly spots and playgrounds. Of course, Van Cortlandt Park is a huge greenspace nearby that has many types of sports fields and courts, hiking trails, and you can even go fishing! After a day in the city’s wilderness, you may be famished. The good news is that there are good bites to get where you’re at. If you’re in a burger and fries kinda mood, Bronx Alehouse has what you need. Or perhaps you’d like to take a date to dine on delicious Dominican-Caribbean fare at Malecon. You could also make a night of it the Irish way with a pint of Guinness at An Beal Bocht Cafe. If your commute or travels take you outside of the neighborhood, access to other parts of the city are made easy through three nearby subway stations (at Marble Hill, Kingsbridge Road, and 231 st) and a Metro-North station.

Morris Park

  • Crime rate: 14.74 crimes per 1,000 residents
  • Not only is this neighborhood affordable and safe, but it’s easy to commute outside of the area to Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan with the nearby subway stations. Due to the proximity to a number of hospitals Jacobi Medical Center, Calvary Hospital, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, folks who work in the healthcare industry or who are studying medicine may decide this is a good place to hang their hat. With the large Italian population, there are some choice options when it comes to enjoying that cuisine. You can grab a slice of thin, coal-fired pizza at Patsy’s Pizzeria or enjoy a nice rigatoni isabella or chicken stagione at Enzo’s of Williamsbridge. Though Morris Park is pretty quiet and residential for most of the year, when the calendar reads October the neighborhood pulls out all the stops for the Columbus Day Parade. Spending the day at the well-regarded Bronx Zoo could also be a real family-friendly affair right where you live.

Pelham Bay

  • Crime rate: 13.04 crimes per 1,000 residents
  • This middle-class residential neighborhood is pretty diverse in housing, with wood and brick homes to more urban housing properties, and in culture (though the area had large Irish and Italian communities previously). It’s named after one of the biggest features of the area, Pelham Bay Park. The greenspace spans 2,772 acres and it’s the largest park in the five boroughs (it’s three times bigger than Central Park). It has a little something for everyone: barbequing areas, running tracks, football fields, basketball courts, hiking trails, kayaking, beaches, roller hockey, dog-friendly areas and so much more. It’ll likely be a go-to area if you choose to make this neighborhood your home. Getting around the city can be done with ease by taking one of the many buses that traverse the area or the 6 subway train. But, you’ll also want to patronize some of the local flavor, too. Enjoy a fun night out or a family meal at nearby Orrico’s Italian Restaurant or Novelty Eats.


  • Crime rate: 12.24 crimes per 1,000 residents
  • Running alongside the Hudson River, this northwestern part of the Bronx is home to a number of 19th century country estates and historic mansions that were built by wealthy Manhattanites. Some have been converted into apartments and in addition to these massive homes, there are other smaller houses in this neighborhood. For those who may be curious about moving here and what a commute would be like going downtown, you’d be about 30 minutes from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Living here means you’ll be close to a number of beautiful parks and gardens. Seton Park will have you enjoying a jog with or without your dog or maybe setting up a picnic. You can bask among the blooms and art at Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center. If you’re cooking at home, you might also want to stop at the Riverdale Y Sunday Market for local produce and goods. But, if you want to leave the cooking to the professionals, you could make it a “dinner and a show” kind of night with bulgogi at Kai Fan or crispy fish tacos and churros at Cocina Chente after a performance at the Riverdale Children’s Theatre

Spuyten Duyvil

  • Crime rate: 12.24 crimes per 1,000 residents
  • This neighborhood also boasts a low crime rate, as it’s served by the same police precinct as Riverdale and Kingsbridge (the 50th Precinct). It’s a stone’s throw away from Manhattan across the Henry Hudson Bridge in the southwestern part of the borough. The name comes from the Spuyten Duyvil Creek and is an adaptation of the Dutch phrase “Spuitende Duivel” which translates roughly to “spouting devil” or “in spite of the devil” (the exact translation is up for discussion). It’s also sometimes referred to as South Riverdale. It’s got a suburban feel with the south part of the neighborhood is populated by brick co-op apartments, and the north side has more single-family homes. While this isn’t area of the Bronx isn’t a shopping hub, you’ll still find the basics in nearby pharmacies, dry cleaners, and the like. If you’re looking to get out of the neighborhood, you’ll be close to the Henry Hudson Parkway which will easily take you farther north in the Bronx or south into Manhattan. You can also hop on the Metro-North train in the neighborhood or walk to one of the nearby subway stations in Marble Hill or Kingsbridge.

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