Tips for moving in with roommates

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Finding a compatible roommate — someone who you feel like you can live with — is half the battle of cohabitation. Setting the cost of living and the process of finding an actual place to live to the side, the other half of the battle is setting your roomie and yourself up for successfully living together. Before scheduling the move, it’s wise to think through some details of your living situation so that the transition to sharing a space will be a smooth and peaceful one.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Living with a Roommate

  • Splitting the rent: Whether or not you and your roommate(s) are all named on the official lease, you’ll want to discuss how you’ll pay your share of the total monthly rent. Will you split it equally among all the roommates? Is there reason to consider divvying up the share of rent due differently (for example, according to individual bedroom size)? Getting clear about this is a good first step to a harmonious roomie relationship.
  • Bills, bills, bills: After rent, there are some additional costs associated with sharing a living space. Utilities, such as electricity, gas, internet, cable, and recycling services are all shared costs of cohabitation. Who will be responsible for setting up these accounts at your address? How will you split the costs of these services between roommates? Being on the same page about these before you are actually living together is wise so that when the bills roll in, you’ll all have a plan on how to get them paid in full and on time.
  • Furnishing your pad: While you may have secured (or will secure) an apartment that has as many bedrooms as there are people moving in, there will be plenty of spaces that are shared with your roommate. How will you furnish them? Who will be bringing furniture for the living room? Items for the bathroom(s) and kitchen? Eating area? Will you instead decide to pitch in together on some items to furnish your shared spaces? Determining this up front will make move day and the days that come after much easier.
  • Insuring your rental space: With any place you live, it’s wise to consider getting renters insurance. If you already have insurance on other belongings, such as a car, you may talk to your insurance company about whether they also offer renter’s insurance. It may also be a good idea to ask whether you may need to get a separate policy from your roommates.
  • In case of emergency: Talking through how you might handle a change in circumstances is a good idea to tackle before you encounter them. How will you and your roommate handle a situation where either of you lose your source of income and experience financial hardship? What if either one of you needs to move out sooner than the end of the rental lease agreement? Are you able to sublet the apartment? Is the other roommate(s) agreeable to live with a person who moves in with a sublease? Discussing these possibilities in a time where you’re not under pressure to make decisions will allow you to form at least preliminary plans for unforeseen circumstances with a clear head.
  • Drawing up an agreement: Being on the same page about these items is a good foundation for successful cohabitation and there is no exact way it has to be done. Agreeing on the terms of sharing a living space though is critical. So, once you’ve done that, you can draft up a roommate agreement so that there’s a document reflective of those agreed upon terms. It’s not a legally binding document like your rental lease, but it provides some guidance for how you’ve all decided to live together. In addition to the aforementioned items, you may add details about any other situations you’ll want to find some common ground on. This may include (but isn’t limited to):
    • How and when you or your roommate(s) have visitors to your shared space
    • Established “quiet hours”
    • How household chores will be handled
    • Whether you’ll share the cost of groceries
    • How to handle an early move-out if it’s needed

    Whatever you put in this document is up to you and your roommate(s), but drafting up your agreement will help you get set on the right path together.

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