How to pack seasonal decorations for storage

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Storing seasonal decorations properly is key to ensuring that they stay in great condition year after year. Whether it’s a Christmas tree and ornaments, Hanukkah decorations, Kwanzaa accents, Halloween pumpkins, or Easter bunnies, each type of festive decor needs special care for proper storage so it can be used like new every season.

Here’s advice on how to pack your seasonal decorations in storage like a pro.

1. Sort and Categorize

Start by sorting your decorations. This step sets the foundation for efficient and organized packing, which is essential for both protecting your decorations and making it easier to unpack for the next season without rummaging through other items.

Group them by holiday, then type or fragility. This will make it easier to decide on the right packing materials and methods.

Here’s how to approach it:

  • Evaluate Your Collection: Start by taking stock of all your seasonal decorations. Lay everything out so you can see what you have. This is also a good time to declutter and decide if there are items you no longer need or want.
  • Group by Holiday or Season: Divide your decorations based on the holiday or season they belong to like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. This makes it easier to locate and unpack decorations for a specific holiday when the time comes around.
  • Sub-Categorize by Type: Within each holiday group, further categorize decorations by type or fragility. For example, in your Christmas collection, you can have separate bins for candle holders and delicate ornaments, versus bulky wreaths and Christmas lights.
  • Consider Fragility and Material: Pay special attention to fragile items. Group fragile decorations like glass ornaments or handmade items together so you can provide extra care when packing. Similarly, you can group decorations by material – all wooden decorations together, all fabric items together, etc.
  • Assess Frequency of Use: Decide on which items you use multiple times a year and which ones you use less frequently or only once a year. You may want to pack and store frequently used items differently so that they’re more easily accessible.
  • Check Condition: Check if any items need repairing or cleaning. It’s better to store decorations in their best condition to avoid any deterioration over time, like dry cleaning tablecloths or curtains prior to storage so that stains or dust do not set in.
  • Update Inventory: If you maintain an inventory of your decorations (which is a great idea so you remember what you own to avoid buying duplicate decorations), update it during this process. This can include noting any new additions or items you’ve given away or discarded. Taking photos can help you remember what you’re putting into storage as well.

By following these steps in the sorting and categorizing phase, you ensure that your decorations are organized in a way that makes future unpacking and decorating much easier, more enjoyable, and less chaotic, especially during the holidays. Plus, it helps to make sure that each item is stored in the best possible quality to preserve its condition and lifespan, season after season.

2. Invest in Quality Storage Containers

Choose sturdy, durable containers. Plastic bins are preferable as they provide better protection from moisture, dust or pests compared to cardboard boxes. Consider clear bins for easy identification or label each container with its contents.

3. Packing Fragile Items

  • Wrap Delicate Ornaments: Use bubble wrap or tissue paper for each fragile ornament. Egg cartons or divided craft boxes are great for smaller items.
  • Secure Lights: To prevent tangling, wrap string lights around a piece of cardboard or spool. Place them in a ziplock bag or clear container.

4. Store Artificial Trees and Wreaths

Disassemble artificial trees, if possible, and store them in tree bags, large containers or original packaging. For wreaths, use wreath storage bins or hang them in a closet garment bag to maintain their shape and protect them from dust.

5. Protecting Fabric Decorations

For fabric-based items like stockings or tablecloths, clean them before storage. Use vacuum-sealed bags to save space and protect them from moisture and dust.

6. Labeling

Label each box with its contents and the holiday it corresponds to. This will save you more time and effort when the season comes around to take them from storage.

7. Choose the Right Storage Location

Store your decorations in a cool, dry place. Avoid basements or attics if they are prone to extreme temperatures, moisture, or pests. A clean, climate-controlled environment is ideal.

8. Packing Inflatables

For inflatable outdoor home decorations like holiday blow-up reindeers, make sure they are completely deflated and dry to prevent mold from growing. Fold them neatly, avoiding sharp folds that might cause damage. Store them in a cool, dry place and ensure they are out of direct sunlight.

9. Organize Your Storage Space

Organize your storage space in a way that makes it easy to access the most frequently used items. Seasonal rotations mean you’ll need to reach different decorations at different times of the year.

By following these tips, you can rest easy knowing that your seasonal decorations remain in great condition, year after year. Proper storage not only preserves the quality of your decorations but also makes decorating for each season a smoother, more enjoyable experience. Remember, the time and care you invest in packing them away will reflect when it’s time to decorate again!

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