How to move a washer and dryer

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Relocating your home can be a grand adventure, but when it comes to moving heavy appliances like washers and dryers, it can suddenly feel like you’re tasked with moving a mountain. They are the heavy household heroes, tackling mountains of laundry, and now it’s time for their big move. While the thought of unplugging and transporting these bulky beasts may seem daunting—after all, they’re not exactly designed with portability in mind—it’s doable. With some practical know-how and a little muscle, you can relocate your washer and dryer without turning the day into moving mayhem.

Here’s a detailed guide that will walk you through each step, from the initial prep to the final installation in your new laundry room.

1. Gather Tools & Supplies

Before you dive in, make sure you have moving straps, a heavy-duty appliance dolly, transit bolts for the washer drum, packing tape, protective blankets, and a wrench.

  • What are transit bolts? Also known as shipping bolts, are an important feature for front-loading washing machines. Transit bolts are specifically designed to secure the washing machine drum during transportation and are inserted into the back of the washing machine to hold the drum in place and prevent it from moving. This is crucial because if the drum moves too much during transit, it can lead to damage and affect the machine’s performance and potentially lead to costly repairs.

If you’ve misplaced the original bolts, you may be able to purchase a new set from the manufacturer or an appliance repair shop. Before moving your washing machine, it’s essential to refer to the manual for specific instructions on how to install these bolts, or seek guidance from a professional. It’s also important to remember to remove the transit bolts once the washing machine is in its new location and before use, since turning on the washer with the bolts in place can cause damage.

2. Prep the Machines

Clean and dry your washer and dryer. Disconnect them from the power source and shut off the water supply to your washer. Remove the cables and secure them neatly to the sides of the machines with packing tape.

3. Secure the Washer Drum

For front-loading washers, install transit bolts to hold the drum in place. These prevent the drum from moving and getting damaged in transit. If you don’t have the original bolts, contact the manufacturer or a local appliance repair shop.

4. Protecting the Machines

Wrap the machines in moving blankets to avoid scratches and dings. Secure the blankets in place with moving straps or rope around the units.

5. Moving the Machines

Slide a dolly under each appliance and secure them with moving straps. Always keep the machines upright to prevent internal damage. Get help from friends or hire professional movers, especially when it comes to navigating down stairs.

6. Loading into the Moving Truck

Ensure the washer and dryer are placed against the walls of the moving truck to prevent movement. Use moving straps to secure them in place.

7. Unpacking & Setup

Once at your new home, remove the transit bolts from the washer, reconnect the hoses and power lines, and level both machines with a wrench for stability.

  • Physical Damage: Look for dents, scratches, or cracks on the exterior. This could indicate rough handling during the move.

8. Test Runs

Run the washer on an empty cycle to ensure it’s functioning properly and do a test cycle with the dryer.

  • Strange Noises: Listen for any unusual noises. Rattling or thumping sounds can signal loose or damaged components inside.
  • Leaks: With washers, check for water leaks under the machine or from the hose connections after running a cycle.
  • Drum Movement: The drum should move smoothly without excessive wobble or noise, which can indicate improper alignment and misbalance.
  • Error Messages: Modern machines may display error codes or messages if there’s a problem. Consult your manual for any codes that appear.
  • Functionality Issues: Test all functions and settings to make sure they’re working as expected. Issues with spinning or heating can be signs of damage.

If you encounter any of these issues, it may require a closer look or a professional assessment to determine the extent of the damage and any necessary repairs. Remember to refer to your user manual for specific troubleshooting tips related to your model.

Special Considerations:

  • Electrical Requirements: Make sure your new space has the right type of electrical outlets. Some dryers require a special 220-volt outlet.
  • Ventilation for the Dryer: Ensure that your new laundry space has proper ventilation for the dryer. This might involve installing a new vent hose.

Moving your washer and dryer can be simple if you take the time to prepare and protect them properly. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself or if you have a high-end appliance, consider hiring professional movers with experience in moving appliances.

At Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, we understand that moving your washer and dryer is about more than just heavy lifting—it’s about caring for the appliances that make your house feel like a home. That’s why our expert team is equipped with the tools and know-how to ensure your appliances arrive safely at their new destination. We sweat the moving logistics so you don’t have to—big and small. From securing transit bolts to handling the installation and reassembly.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of moving, just give us a call. We’ll make it a smooth, seamless experience. After all, ensuring your move is a ‘piece of cake’ is our top priority.

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