7 Way Storage Units can help Transition to Tiny Home Life

By peachy

Ready to trade in your big(ger) real estate for a smaller abode? You’re not the only one. The popularity of taking up residence in a tiny home, often defined as a home thats 400 square feet or smaller, has been on the rise for several years now. It’s no surprise, either; there are many benefits. From eschewing the non-essentials to lower utility bills, they’ve got a lot to offer to folks looking to change up their home life. However, the transition from larger living does require you to deal with your stuff, especially if you’ve been living large for some time.

Though tiny homes often are built with storage in mind, you may still have a lot to go through — or decide what to do if you’re not willing to part with your belongings at all. So what is a homeowner to do? Full-service storage may just be the solution you’re looking for whether you need a place to put your things for a little while or indefinitely. Keep reading for more on how you may stand to benefit from storage while you transition to a tinier home.

In no particular order, opting for full-service storage may help you transition to life in a tiny home in the following ways:

  • It can buy you time to adjust to jigsaw puzzle organization.
    If you’ve been used to having enough storage space for your essentials and much more – larger closets, storage cabinets, garages, basements, and attics, you may have accumulated quite a few things. For many who opt for this transition to a smaller abode, there’s a lot of excitement. However, there may also be some stress of acclimating that can weigh heavy on some people’s minds. Where will you put your silverware? What about your extra linens? Can you fit your second television in your new home? Some of these questions won’t have answers until you move in. Using full-service storage, even in the short-term, can be the gift of extra time to figure it all out and determine how you’ll best utilize the storage you have in your new home.
  • There’s no ceiling on your stuff.
    In considering the floor plan of your tiny home, many recommendations are made to “build up” instead of out to maximize square footage and storage options. However, there’s a (literal) roof on how far you can build upwards on your tiny home. If you’re not quite ready to live the minimalista life, there’s no ceiling on how much stuff you can have with full-service storage. What you pay for is based on the total volume of what you’d like to have stored, which puts a limit on how much you’ll need to spend to still hang on to what you’d like to keep that won’t fit into your new home’s square footage.
  • It allows you to store your decorations out of sight when out of season.
    When it ‘tis the season to be jolly, do you find yourself whipping out the boxes of decorations and lights to make spirits bright? Well, as you likely already are aware, all those strings of lights, bulbs, baubles, tinsel, and other ornaments take up space. There’s no reason you shouldn’t decorate your tiny home when the time comes for it! Full-service storage is a great option if you’d like to avoid making space for seasonal stuff like holiday decorations in your new, smaller home. When the next holiday looms near on the calendar, arranging for a delivery of your items is just a phone call away.
  • You’ll avoid overcrowding.
    Top tips for transitioning into tiny home life typically include downsizing the things you own. If you’re in the midst of this process during your move, you can put what clutters up your space into storage so that you can have more time to decide what you want to keep and part ways with. What’s more, you can keep your new living quarters clear from extra clutter in the process. It may help you imagine your new tiny home life in a different light when you bring items into your new place with intention, rather than just schlepping the total sum of your big house belongings to your new abode.
  • Your keepsakes will be safe and secure.
    Display options may be minimal in the tight quarters of a tiny house. And, though you may be downsizing, there are simply items you won’t want to part with – your grandmother’s engagement ring, a collectable set of vintage dishware, a special painting or framed family photo, or a piano that’s been handed down through your family for generations. No matter what the item(s) are, if you’re wondering where they can be kept for safe-keeping, full-service storage may provide the safety and security you’re looking for. Reputable storage services will ensure that facilities are monitored so that there’s eyes on your stuff on the regular.
  • You can continue the “garage sale” even after move-in.
    If you used the “sell, donate, throw out” method to whittle down what you’re bringing with you to your tiny home, you may be wondering where you’ll put all the items you planned to sell. Giving up on trying to sell and donating or throwing out items of value instead of getting cash for them may mean less funds for keeping your new tiny home flush with features. Putting items for sale in full-service storage may allow you to take your time finding the right buyer for the right price for your stuff.
  • Your co-habitants will have more time to go through their stuff.
    Divvying up the decisions about what stays and what goes is a necessary process for many moving into tiny homes. It also has the added bonus of making sure the responsibility doesn’t fall on one person. But, coordinating several people to do this task at the same time may not work with your schedule. If you need to make decisions on the essentials prior to moving in but choosing what else will come with you could use more time, putting the non-essentials in storage may buy you and your crew some more time to chew over what stays and goes.

Wherever you’re at in your tiny home transition process, you’ve likely already committed a lot of time and effort planning your move. And if you find yourself asking the question of “Where will I put my stuff?,” let Piece of Cake Moving and Storage take your transition the rest of the way with our full-service and fully insured storage options. Our storage experts work with you to create an estimate of the total volume of the belongings you’d like to store. We’ll also discuss when you’d like us to pick up your items — you can even opt to have our professional movers pack up your items for you. Once your belongings are safely and securely in storage, you can arrange for them to be delivered back to you when and where you want them — anywhere in the country! Our name suggests that we’ll make your move an easy one, but what we really do is make sure you have peace of mind during the entire process.

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