7 Way Storage Units can help Transition to a smaller apartment

By peachy

Moving to a new home that’s roughly the same size as your previous place is stressful enough and requires plenty of details to be ironed out. Reduce the square footage as a part of the transition and you’ve got another situation on your hands. Not only do you have to make arrangements to move your belongings to a new location, but you’ll need to decide on what to do with the stuff that won’t fit into your smaller apartment. Depending on your time frame and what types of items you’re starting with, you may be able to sort it all out prior to your move.

If you find yourself with not enough time or unwilling to part with certain items before move-in day, looking into a storage unit may be a good solution for you. There’s actually a number of ways that storage options may benefit you, even after move-in!

Before, during, or after moving into your smaller apartment, using a storage unit may help you in the following ways:

  • It may buy you time to figure out your new apartment style. New address, new you? If so, you may be unsure whether your previous interior design matches your new space. You might need to get a feel for living in the new smaller apartment to appreciate what decor and furniture you have and where it could go. If your move in or move out time is pretty settled, storing your non-essential belongings in a storage unit buys you more time to really conceptualize and realize your new home style.
  • You can continue with the KonMari Method. Choosing what stays and what goes when it comes to your belongings is going to be a key step in your transition to small apartment living. Rather than make hasty decisions and risk getting rid of items you really love or need, put your belongings in storage that you may need more time when choosing their fate. In this case, making an investment in a storage unit is an investment in your future joy.
  • You’ll be able to box up your bulky winter wardrobe when not in use. There are many places in the country when you may need to be prepared for any kind of weather throughout the year. However, if you find that your bulkiest seasonal items just take up a lot of space when out of season, a storage unit can help you declutter. At the first sight of freezing temperatures or snow, your winter stuff is just a phone call away.
  • You’ll feel good about the safe keeping of your keepsakes. Transitioning into a smaller apartment may mean you won’t be able to sacrifice precious square footage for your precious belongings. Your vintage grandfather clock or priceless sculpture may not have space in your new place. If that’s the case, working with a reputable storage company will ensure that you’re able to store your valuables and sentimental items in a safe and secure place that’s monitored regularly.
  • It’ll allow you to make room for roommates. If you’re not living single in your small apartment, you may already own more than enough to furnish and decorate a home. If that’s the case, having a chat with your potential co-habitant(s) will help you decide what you want to keep and what won’t be finding a home in your apartment. For the sake of your living arrangement, it’s wise to make sure you’re all on the same page when it comes to how the place looks and who provides the essential furnishings. Plus, your roomie(s) may want to bring some of their own style into the apartment. One place you don’t have to share (if you don’t want to) is a storage unit where all the furniture and decor you aren’t using can be kept safe.
  • You can keep the yard sale going after move-in. Downsizing is always a key component of transitioning to a smaller living space. You may spend some time figuring out what you’re going to get rid of and what can be donated prior to your move-in date. But what about the items you’re willing to part with that you can sell? If you stand to make a heftier profit by waiting for the right buyer, you may put those items in storage to let the items stay on the market a little longer. If this sounds like your situation, getting a storage unit for your sellable items may pay off in the long run. Download some resale apps, let your items simmer on the market, and pull them from storage when you finally make the big sale.
  • You can place your oversize furniture on the back burner. Maybe you’re not ready to part with your big, overstuffed couch or the large wooden sleigh bed. You don’t have to! Putting items that won’t fit in your smaller pad into a storage unit allows you to have the best of both worlds. If and when you can use them again, you won’t have to scour the furniture stores for a replacement because the ones you already have can be delivered right to your front door.

If you’re convinced that storage may be the solution to an easier transition to your new smaller apartment, work with the experienced storage solution experts at Piece of Cake Moving and Storage. Our staff are ready to take your call to discuss our full-service and fully insured storage options. They’ll work with you to create an estimate for the total volume of the items you’d like to store. Then, they’ll talk to you about when you’d like your items to be picked up. If you’d like to be hands-free in the process, we’ll even pack up the belongings for you! After packing them up, your items will be stored in our safe and secure storage facility. Once you’re ready to have them back, retrieving them is just a phone call away — and we’re happy to arrange delivery anywhere in the country. We’ll take the time to take care of your belongings so you can spend more minutes making memories in your new home.

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