Storing With Us

Flexibility in Terms of Duration

Whether you need to store your valuables for a short or extended period of time, we’ve got you covered with our flexible month-to-month lease options. You are never going to be charged for months you don’t use the storage units, even if you suddenly have to change plans and have us deliver the items much sooner than originally planned.

Easy Setup of Pick-Up and Delivery

We make the entire process incredibly easy – you call us or shot us an email for a quote, and we get back to you with the official quote within minutes. And then, together, we set up a date for the pick-up. You can leave the rest to us. Delivery? Even easier – give us a call, choose the date, and we’ll meet you there – on time and without complications.

Accuracy and Punctuality

Ever worried something might get lost in transport or in the warehouse? Well, with us, every single item going to our truck and heading to our storage has its number – we keep track of everything that you store with us (from day one) with a detailed named inventory lists. You will get your copy after the pick-up. And that alleviates any confusion when you need to move your belongings elsewhere.

Your Belongings are Our Belongings

Your precious items will always be kept in complete climate and dust controlled storage units with 24/7 surveillance and guards, all to ensure that your valuables remain in top shape for the duration of their stay with us.